Updated 3/27/2020

Loaner Laptops Are Available

Medgar Evers College is committed to providing students with academic continuity, despite interruptions due to COVID-19. To ensure that students are able to continue their education and complete assignments, loaner laptops are available for any student who does not have access to a personal computer off campus.

Interested students must email studentaffairs@mec.cuny.edu in order to secure a laptop. All requests must include student’s first and last name, 8-digit EMPL ID number, and telephone number. In addition, a MEC student identification card will be required at pickup.

Students who have access to a personal computer off-campus are strongly encouraged to reserve use of loaner laptops for students who do not have such access. In addition, all students are required to maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet between themselves and other members of the college community during their visit to campus.

Inquiries about the laptop retrieval process can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs (studentaffairs@mec.cuny.edu).

Thank you,
Office of Student Affairs

Update: 3/19/2020

Reaching Key Departments on Campus During Distance Learning

The manner in which we deliver services may be changing; however, Medgar Evers College’s commitment to you remains the same. As part of the College’s efforts to protect the health and safety of our community, many of the services you rely on will serve you virtually for the foreseeable future. Listed below are the dedicated email addresses to reach key departments on campus.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we transition to our new normal given the challenges of COVID-19.

Updated 3/18/2020

As we move to distance learning, please review the CUNY Blackboard User Guide for Students to help you get started. Blackboard Collaborate for Students and Faculty gives detailed instructions on how to get the most out of the online environment for learning.

Visit the the student online resource center at www.mec.cuny.edu/students. There you can review the current academic calendar, access CUNYfirst, log into your MEC email, receive Help Desk support, and much more.

Updated 3/10/2020

Medgar Evers College Student Coronavirus (COVID-19) Academic Continuity Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in New York State on Saturday, March 7, 2020 as the number of coronavirus cases in New York State increased. Medgar Evers College is committed to the safety of our students and the continuation of our academic operations in case of any interruption in classroom instruction. The entire teaching faculty and students must be prepared to teach and be taught fully online at any time.

Medgar Evers College faculty were first notified on March 8, 2020 with detailed instructions. Our Academic Continuity Plan is as follows:

  • With the recognition that some Medgar Evers College faculty will need additional hands-on instruction in the use of Blackboard for course and instructional delivery to students, instruction will be offered.
  • Some courses at Medgar Evers College are taught by adjunct faculty who are not trained to teach online, and so instruction will be offered.
  • We have many students who have never taken an online or Blackboard course and may be unfamiliar with how to enroll and take an online course, and so instruction will be offered.

Additionally, the following actions will be taken to further implement our Academic Continuity Plan:

  • On Tuesday March 10, 2020, all students will be notified that if they have not used Blackboard in any of their classes, they will need to attend a Blackboard training session.
  • Beginning on Thursday March 12, 2020, large-scale training of students will begin. The exact times and locations will be announced on Wednesday March 11, 2020.
  • All current faculty members should immediately inform their own students by Blackboard and/or email that students who have not taken a Blackboard or online course will need to attend training offered by the College starting Thursday March 12, 2020. Please encourage your students to frequently monitor their College email accounts. Faculty currently teaching online should give their students any additional guidance as needed.
  • Chairs and any faculty with instructional oversight of students attending nursing clinicals and other majors where instruction is conducted outside the College should make additional accommodations. The policies of the facilities where students attend instruction must be monitored and followed.
  • All students and faculty must monitor their College email accounts.
  • The College's Health Services provides information about COVID-19 here: https://ares.mec.cuny.edu/student-affairs/health-services.

The College is committed to updating our website frequently. We also encourage you to visit the CUNY's coronavirus webpage for updates here: https://www.cuny.edu/coronavirus.

If Medgar Evers College or CUNY closes before training is completed, you will receive Blackboard self-training links that you can use to attend training sessions and classes online.


Location: Edison O. Jackson Auditorium, Academic Building 1

Thursday, March 12 and Friday, March 13

  • 9:0010:30am
  • 11:0012:30pm
  • 6:007:30pm

Saturday, March 14

  • 9:0010:30am
  • 11:0012:30pm
  • 6:007:30pm

Additional sessions will be announced.

Each session will last 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for questions. There will a 30 minute interval between sessions to ask further questions. If CUNY or Medgar Evers College tranisitions to fully distance learning, you will need this training in order to continue your coursework.

You will need a valid spring ID card in order to access the library and use library online resources. You will need access to these resources to continue your coursework online.

If you do not have a valid spring ID card, you must go to the Security Office/Student ID Center in room C109 in the basement of Academic Buliding 1, and then go to the library for access to distance education and online resources.

If you do ave a valid spring ID card, stop by the library as soon as possible to get your ID code, which will allow you to access the library's online resources.

After attending a training session, you are encouraged to go to the library and practice accessing Blackboard.

Further communication about the Academic Continuity Plan will be managed by the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). Mr. Ian Josephs will be the contact person for OAA. His email is teachonline@mec.cuny.edu. Please only contact Mr. Josephs for urgent questions as he will likely be fielding many questions via email and telephone. We cannot guarantee that telephone messages will be returned if there is a large volume of requests. You will be fully informed of any updates.

Dr. Augustine Okereke
Office of Academic Affairs
Medgar Evers College

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Please be extra vigilant while accessing your email and browsing the internet.